Tuesday, 19 August 2014

None of that Cheerful Nonsense.

John is busy catching up with 8 months of Emmerdale so hasn't had time to write his usual report. So it falls to me to put something up here that is vaguely accurate or insightful (I originally wrote inciteful, which it might be anyway. If it is a word).

I have very little idea what was going on last week. John seems to know what is happening on every table. And takes photos of it all. I can barely concentrate on the game in front of me. So I suppose I should talk about that. Brass. Hal brought it along and it was a welcome relief to be playing a proper serious game, rather than a vapid clone of Zombie Dice or a party-style werewolf variant, that seem to be the flavour of the month/year at the club.  Brass is a proper game with thinking and chin stroking. A proper game about the grim North during the Industrial Revolution. Build a canal between Bolton and  Blackburn. Or maybe a cotton mill in Burnley. Take a loan and develop a coal mine.  Get black lung. A good old fashioned dour game by Martin Wallace – who used to make superb dour games, but has since made frivolous Discworld games. Pah. Anyway, we all liked Brass and declared it to better than Age of Industry (which has since replaced Brass and is a touch more forgiving and jaunty). Owain won as he owns the most flat caps and lives in a derelict mine. He's also played it the most; almost 100 times! Hal came second as he once owned a whippet and had played 20 or so times. I came third as I have, on occasion, drank a pint pulled through a sparkler and had played 4 or 5 times before. And Alex came last as he had never played Brass before and cries at the sight of a hill.

Other tables played other stuff. There were about 25 in attendance.

Apologies. Hopefully John will have finished Emmerdale by tonight and can write the next one of these things.


Peter Chinkin said...

Six of us played Rex. I get confused with what the actual races are because we are constantly changing it to be what it would be in Dune but I vaguely remember the different factions by their in-game powers.

As it happened, myself (as the dudes who can look at the cards being auctioned), Richard IV (the dudes who get all the cash from the auctions), and the dudes who get cheap troop placement and get all the cash from people's troop placement won as a three player alliance on turn two. This was largely owing to James's generous misunderstanding of the timing of battle effects, not realising that his leader might die without adding his strength to the battle.

After this we played some Saboteur 2. It was all rather silly with back-stabbing and last minute role switching (I seemed to be on the receiving end of this a bit too often!) and ended with some reverse king-making on my part to force a three way tie; not including me, I came last.

Next we played some Resistance Avalon in which the good guys strolled to victory without the minions having the faintest idea who merlin was.

Finally there was Coop: a game about catching and containing chickens. I like this game about as much as I like Love Letter. Something to do with the vast amount of strategic depth and feeling like you are really in control of how your game plays out.

Caverna happened on the table next to us.

Sam W said...

I *almost* played love letter here's how it went...
I was the handmaiden. On the very first turn Lewis guessed i was the handmaiden, and i was eliminated. Game over, man! game over!

Much better with more then one round, and the chance to do *something*.

Minitrue said...

Lol, sounds like a fantastic time at Love Letter.