Sunday, 26 October 2014

Attendance Stats

It's that time of year again where we dabble in some stats. Actually that's a lie, there is no time of year, it's just
  1. Been a while since they were last done
  2. I can be bothered to do it today
  3. I'm interested in the numbers
 Last time we did this we had 11.79 average attendees a week, the 0.79 of a person always making a nasty mess on the pub floor as they dragged their severed appendages along, lowest turnout was 6 and highest turnout was 22. Or you can look here for a recap.

This time.... ( click on the charts to embiggen them )

Average turnout is 24.2, lowest turnout was 13, up from 6, and highest turnout was 33, up from 22. This is pretty much across the board 100% increase in size. Double the average, double the lowest, half again the highest.

How about including the last stat dump as well ?

Very nice. Long term trend obvious to see. What about micro trends ? Are we on the way up still, or have we reached peak oil and are now going down ?

Tricky as seasonal differences come into play and variance is higher. But it seems like we have reached a plateau of attendance.

Coming soon - stats on what games are the most popular down the Ribs ?? Place your bets... I am going to bet on dark horse of Kingdom Builder

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Weird said...

My guess is on Betrayal at the House on the Hill.