Monday, 27 October 2014

Games Played Stats

This is a fairly accurate, but not 100% accurate list of games that have been played in the last 12 months - ignoring those that only got one play.

Note that multiple plays within a single evening are not counted - if you counted that Kingdom Builder and some of the fillers would be much higher. Click to embiggen.

Cutting down the range to the last six months

The upshot is that Resistance Avalon comes way ahead of the pack for the year, with a bunch of fillers in the top games - and Lords of Waterdeep and Betrayal at House on the Hill also in that mix. For a six month range, Betrayal at House on the Hill just about edges into the lead.

Archipelago, the last time top winner slumps to mid table, but still hangs about with some decent numbers.

Repeated play wise I am going to guess that Betrayal does even better - as it usually gets played at least twice when it is played, and Kingdom Builder does even better, as its often played more that twice when it comes out. The fillers will also benefit, particularly One Night Ultimate Werewolf which lasts 10 minutes a piece.

Some surprises for me were that Suburbia has been played that many times - then disappears completely in the last six months - and Small World continues to make a showing.

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