Sunday, 10 May 2015

Extra Time

Due to a no score draw, this weeks blog has gone into overtime with some extra pics submitted by Monika which were too good to leave out.

It seems as though Fluxx got a play... either that or Lewis just wanted to spend some "quality time" with the cards.

Lewis "The Stare" Walker does something disturbing to the cards
whilst James shuffles oblivious to Lewis' shenanigans

And as Joe already commented, Betrayal at House on the Hill and Eight Minute Empire also got played. I actually remember watching a bit of Eight Minute Empire, then promptly forgot I ever saw it being played.

More Betrayal at the house on the hill.
You'd think people would know by now. Watch out for the little girl.
It's always the girl. Or the boy. Kids eh ? One day babies, the next psychopaths.

I also remember walking past Joe who was lurking in the fire escape with a rulebook in hand at one point. Which may sound odd, but is part of the usual gameplay for Betrayal which usually sees one player evicted whilst the now declared to be good guys have a chat about what's going on and what kind of plan to put into action. I forgot about him lurking in the fire escape.

Joe frets at his betrayer handbook sandwiched between Elliot and Luke
*peep* Full Time Whistle. See you in next weeks blog.

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