Sunday, 28 June 2015

NoBoG on Tour - 30th June

NoBoG is back on the road again, this week we will be heading to the Mash Tun pub, which rather weirdly is only 50 yards from last weeks tour venue of Athena.

Please remember that all the venues we visit are giving out their space free of charge, so support their friendly attitude by buying beer, snacks, whateveryourfancy, and then everyone wins. *Laments the lack of a Reindeer pub burger at the Mash Tun...*.

Map below.

Car Users
A couple of the closest car parks are noted for those coming by car. £1.80 for the evening. For those with sat-navs or unfamiliar with the horrendous Cthuluian monstrosity that is the Norwich one way system and general road planning, the dots on the map have their full addresses if you click on them.

Alternatively you can try and hunt around for a free parking spot on any single yellow line when restrictions drop from 6.30pm onwards.

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James Mapp said...

personally i would recommend St Andrews carpark to people if they are going to the Tun. St Giles is a bit of an ass. pokey little carpark and easy to get the wrong road if you havnt driven round that area before.