Thursday, 25 June 2015

Attendance Stats

Stats, stats, luvv-errr-lee stats. Nuthin quite like em, the luvv-errr-leee stats.

Yes. Well. You have to introduce a bit of a song and dance number to make those stats more entertaining eh ?

The question of how many people turn up to NoBoG. Downsizing ? Upsizing ? Are there so few of us we can all just go round Pete's house for a game ? These questions and more are answered.

Let's just hit the all time attendance chart. This time with added trend line. As ever, click on the image to embiggen it.

Uh huh. Pretty obvious upward trend there. Look at the cute 10 - 12 people attending in 2013. So cuddly. Potentially in the year 3100AD NoBoG will encompass the entirety of the population of the planet. Or. Possibly, you can't extrapolate to infinity. One or the other. Such things never usually prevent various news outlets or political agencies from making dubious points however.

How about some 4 week rolling attendance since the last time stats were done in October. Or in other words, what's the average head count per month.
So it would seem 2015 is the year of pretty much over 30 as the norm. Although based on that trend, it looks like 40 will be the norm once Autumn is in under way. But who knows.

Peak attendance is 44, which is up from 33 last time, and 22 the time before that. Which is... somewhat spooky. Next peak 55 ?

Lowest attendance is the good old Christmas bash - which is the first year NoBoG had been held every week instead of taking a week off at Christmas. 13, which is flat compared to last time of 13, and 6 before that. If you throw out a Christmas week you end up with 17 as the lowest turnout ( which is probably more accurate and is kinda  in line with the other increases ).

Average attendance is 31.71 which is up from 24.2. Although as the rolling chart says, the recent average is higher than 31. The last quarterly average of 3 months is actually 36.28.

The upshot of this is, when we say 30 - 40 people attending, it's an accurate stat. At the moment.


Peter Chinkin said...

I predict a new record attendance of over 50 next week at the Mash Tun. The lack of space has been keeping people away.

andy malcolm said...

I don't think you answered this:

"Are there so few of us we can all just go round Pete's house for a game ? "

Minitrue said...

Ha ha, you're right. I think we can all squeeze round Pete's if we use the garden for a mass werewolf game or somesuch.

And I agree Pete. It wouldn't surprise me to hit 50 next week. But who knows.

Elliot Symonds said...

I'm rather partial to some stats so enjoyed this enormously. I would also be interested in gender percentage and mix as I suspect, that since I have been regularly attending there has been an increase in females finding the hobby of greater and greater interest.