Friday, 11 January 2013

Start of a new year

The first NoBoG evening of 2013 with a very healthy 13 in attendance giving us 3 full tables.

Luna was up first at the far table for Jimmy, Sam, Rich and Nicky. I think this is a bit of a favourite of Jimmy's as by my limited reckoning it's the game I have seen him most playing down the pub. It's a cool game of crazy neophytes jumping into the sea and doing various vaguely priestess related things in order to garner as many points as possible.
The islands of Luna with a number of supplicants
already swimming in the dark waters.

If you haven't played it you probably should as for once the theme actually kinda works, there is a fair bit of player interaction with opportunities to screw people over, and an interesting spread of things to do and ways to go about it.

It is of course a worker placement game but for me it's slightly more wacky and interesting than the usual placement stuff.

Kingdom Builder was up on table 2 with Stu, Shaun, Alina and Matt. Kingdom Builder picked up a slew of awards for itself in 2012, including winning the Spiel des Jahres, so, quite hot.

 The game involves players placing settlements down on varying terrain types of the board in order to pull off synergies of placement or to fulfil conditions of the Kingdom Builder cards.
Superficially at least it has some small similarities to Terra Mystica - except Terra Mystica has more involvement with the actual building types.

Alina could best be described as Pleased that she won the first game of Kingdom, with Matt hauling into second place, and for the second game the positions were reversed for the low cunning pair, Matt winning and Alina in second. Stu looked on downcast, and muttered about having a dreadful second game being stuck in a corner.

Pete explaining his latest (and only) plan to kill as many
things as possible this round. The goblins pointed at shortly
vapourised in an explosion of magic.
Table 3 was the stage for derring do and heroic actions in the second edition Descent. The derring do actually consisted of gathering crops for the first outing - not so much heroic as agricultural. Ewan, Dean, Pete and myself took on the role of the heroic farmers, which left Evil Bondy to quite naturally be the Evil Overlord - and voice all the hapless NPCs that required our help. Stopping a combination of goblins and spiders from raiding the crops, we met with a very suspicious farmer whos accent appeared to travel all around the country before finally dropping altogether. A play acting spy if ever I heard one.

The Evil Bondy did not fare well on the crop raiding - his goblins eager to get in and do mischief all stood a bit too close to each other, and were caught off guard by an explosive bout of magic which had bits of goblin raining down to fertilise the fields.

The second half of the outing found the heroes push on to the goblin lair, only to find that where we had been fighting goblins and spiders before, there were now two dragons in the way. This seemed something of a challenge too far, but with some excellent stun hits from Ewan to offset the woeful trail of inept misses from everyone else, the dragons were brought low and the Goblin King caught and killed just as he tried to run off.

Descent 2 feels lighter than Descent 1 - a bit more streamlined, a bit faster, the scenarios are in shorter bites. But as Jimmy pointed out it also feels a bit less epic - searching for treasure got us a few unremarkable potions and a mouldy sandwich. As I had been handed my ugly spell casting ass twice on the outing, I pondered what my reward was for the days work... Next time I'll demand treasure up front.


Mr Bond said...

Nice report, as always.

We got a couple of things wrong with Descent. I scoured the rules to see whether the Shadow Dragons were legal - yes they are. But I made all of the creatures in the second scenario too powerful as I confused Encounter II with Act II. They should have had the same stats as the first half of the encounter.

The other rules is Stun - which only negates the first action of the following turn. So Splig could have had one action - as could the Spiders earlier. Still it wouldn't have made a difference.

Minitrue said...

Swings and roundabouts, a more powerful stun against more powerful critters.

Fun was had, do's were derring.

Onwards !

Although I have to say you were a very magnanimous Overlord. Was this a cunning attrition strategy, or just being a nice Overlord ? Military strategy would indicate that hitting the weakest point with the greatest force - and then exploiting it - is a Good Thing. Altho with heroes that can pop up back on their feet it may not carry quite the same weight that say, a good Blitzkrieg does.

Mr Bond said...

I am benevolent overlord. Cower at my overbearing kindness.