Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ben is in the house of virgins

Last week I played the Princes of Machu Picchu with Ben, new rich and Devs Brother whose name escapes me at the moment. New Rich slipped off the pace having played a blinder last week he did not aquire enough cards during the game. In the end the VPs went fairly evenly with the cards. Ben was third, I was second and the newbie won! Well played. I enjoy princes of MP, its a resource management game with a good level of interaction as other players choices and order of choices dictate the winner much more than in some other games I like. After Devs brother and I played a couple of games of battle line which I managed to win to gain back some pride.

I don’t remember what Jimmy played with Rich and Bondy......and so to tonight


Mr Bond said...

Jimmy, Rich, Luke and myself played Primordial Soup. Jimmy won with a move and evade strategy.

Mr Bond said...

Ben is in the house of virgins. Hehe!

King Crocker said...

Of course primodial soup, sorry Matt for forgetting that. I remember Jimmy making some comments that if taken out of contect would be hilarious......such is life I dont recall them.