Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Life without Jimmy & Ben

Stress levels where at an all time low as container (Matt, Rich, Pete, Rachel & Jack) and Ys (Luke, new rich & Chris) where played last week at the ribs. Im saying nothing as to the underlying causes of such a trancal atmosphere......Jack was almost well behavioured. It seams the effort needed to almost do a days work coupled with a lift in an extremely dog hair ridden car had caused Mr "kiss them guns....dont call me *uck wit"..Shanon to chill a little. He did manage to break the game and completely run out of money but who cares. Chris won Ys by a squeak and then we played Ra where I got the rub of the green and cleaned up a few times with plenty of monuments. Chris had a large amount of nile tiles and kept managing to flood them and was racking up a score but my bidding tactics and aquistion of strong bidding tiles for later rounds stood me well hurah for experience over novices. I doubt I will get such good fortune if we where to play again. For sale was started and abbandoned, the pub was empty and we left well before 11 this week finishing ridiculosly early!!!

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