Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Norway the lads

Played tikal again last night. This time I gave the rules session to new Rich and…..drum roll…….Stephen and Harry. Stephen has virtually finished his phd and the pair where gaming at the club for the first time in ages (though possibly soon to depart to Norway). Punk Rich started the night with a game of race for the galaxy with Pete but Pete was more interested in the Norwich game and soon Rich found himself playing Graenaland with James, Jimmy and long haired Luke minor. Graenaland was last played when the club was at the complete angler so probably three years ago. At the time I remember the game being enjoyable but suffering greatly from positive feedback. I dislike games where nothing matters till the final go but excessive positive feedback makes certain games (*cough* settlers of catan *cough*) tough to play.

Tikal was enjoyed by most again although this time it lasted too long for me. Down time was an issue again but this game at least has proper choices that warrant time to think. Harry came closest to winning and new Rich put on a big score at the last but I just managed to squeak it in the end. Poor stephen was off the pace but had started to carve out an area and had the game lasted a bit longer would no doubt have been back in the running.

So thats it for me for some time now. Im not around for a few weeks, in fact I will only probably appear once or twice more before Christmas. More celebrations no doubt. But its good to see a steady supply of players turning up. NBG regularly gets two tables of good gamers and fresh new players through the door on the odd occasion. Punk Rich is coming regularly as is new Rich and Pete drags himself down to the ribs most Tuesdays. Ben is a regular now and when uni is on Jack and Luke are often down. Hopefully Hal (or whoever it happens to be this year) will promote NBG to the freshers and you never know we could be inundated with mini Jimmys or even better multiple Jacks. This of course will never happen as our members are quintessentially unique in almost all aspects, we can but hope. Game on.

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