Friday, 7 September 2007

Is Jimmy the Puerto Rico Master???

That was the question we attempted to answer. Jimmy claimed an unbeaten Puerto Rico record at the club which was hotly disputed by the self proclaimed 'Puerto Rico master' Matt. Sim started the trash talk and raised the challenge bar. Sim an experienced online player "had not seen the game played at the club". Luke seized the higher ground by sitting to Matt's right much to the amusement of Jimmy who proceeded to sit to Luke's right. Seating order usually plays a pivotal part to Puerto Rico success and may have had an influence in the overall result, though this is would have been difficult to calculate in this game.

All players were on the whole fairly matched. Luke the more novice of the group having only played the game a handful of times. Matt a very experienced Puerto Rico player had notched up numerous 2 player games but had limited experience of 4 way play, especially as the expansion set was kicked out. Sim a strong online player was probably the favourite, based experience and number of games played. Sims overall play was strong hampered by the absence of some critical buildings.

Jimmy came out on top, 4 points ahead of Luke. Sim sat in third with Matt languishing in fourth despite starting as Governor. 'A truer test needs to be multiple games' was the cry of the losers but Jimmy was proud of a winning 'build and deliver' strategy. With so many great games to play its hard to say when Jimmy will be challenged again.

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