Friday, 7 September 2007

Player Profile No.1 TOM

Tom joined our group relatively recently and already he has established himself as a regular top tier player. Despite the occasional jolly jaunts abroad Tom is a frequent attender who demonstrates a key understanding of the primary goal of Tuesday night gaming...."when in doubt screw Luke".

Tom frequently reads games well and is nearly always in a position close to the winner when the final numbers are crunched. He has very much been thrown in at the deep end and is nearly always subjected to a new game every week. When he has the opportunity to repeat a game his record of wins is superb.

Tom is not new to gaming, on the contrary he can rattle off titles with fond recollection that only Jimmy, Richard or Duncan have played. He posses a splash of German and a ticket to Essen sealing his growing euro-game reputation.

Most likely to say: "Why does the person to my left always win"
Least likely to say: "I've played this before haven't I"


andy malcolm said...

I am disappointed that this profile does not give Tom's recently acquired nickname.

King Crocker said...

Liabel laws preclude me from repeating why the nickname 'cheating c**t' can not be assocated with the extremely honest Tom!