Friday, 21 September 2007

Player Profile No.3 Adam

Adam joined the group having move up from London. He packed all his belongings in the boot and Rachel followed close behind in an arctic full of games. Adam is less of a board gamer than his partner preferring role play, but he still enjoys a competitive session. Adam wants to win and he is cut throat in assessing the competition and maximising his chances.

Most of the time at the club Adam plays medium to light games but he has been known to stray into more heavy fare. His biggest handicap is his issues with colour. A massive racist Adam will curse and tell the rudest of jokes offensive to just about everyone except Himler. Ooops no, Adam in fact can not define differences between certain colours, resulting in some moments of despair and hilarity as he misreads the card, board or position of characters and influence. This is hindered even more by the ‘romantic’ lighting of the ribs and all the other players deliberately manipulating the surroundings in order to take advantage.

When Adam is evenly matched in a game and he doesn’t have to contend with indistinct colours he is a solid strategist and frequently identifies the ideal strategy.

Most likely to say: Rachel has that game
Least likely to say: Is anyone going to the bar? I fancy another pint.

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