Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Re Of Sunshine

It was great to open Amun Re again and get down to some Kineza style gaming. Jimmy ran the rules for Andy and Rich who had never played while Luke and Matt planned their campaigns. Everybody put in a good show with the new comers obviously being disadvantaged. Matt took an early lead gaining control of farmer rich land and filling it earlier. Because of the draw most players invested in farmers and the sacrifices were fairly higher in the first half. This played into Luke’s hands as he had control of the majority of temples. Despite some low key hints from Jimmy, the sacrifice in third round gave Luke a half time score double that of anybody else’s. Jimmy played a balanced game with thoughtful bidding and as always pyramid building and set making dominated everyone’s strategies. Some heavy bidding in the second half saw various prime real-estate go for what could only be termed ‘over inflated’ prices. And despite good play by all the damage had been done and Luke had to merely ‘play safe’ in order to win. That said in the final count Jimmy was only a few points away from first, having played a superb second half. Andy impressed finishing third, no mean task considering the cut throat nature of the game, especially as he edged out Matt an experienced Amun re-er. Rich who had a strong second half was the victim of his first half and first play standing.

This game pulls nice mechanisms together and has only a few minor faults. It is fun to play and despite it being awhile I remembered virtually all the rules. Scoring a 7.6 on the geek. It is difficult to think of a better Kineza game. This is Jimmy’s favourite, Matt prefers Taj Mahal, I need to play Samurai more, I like T&E and I love Ra, but this game is definitely up there its just a shame all the area zones sound like Arsenal player names.


andy said...

This game is a corker, I was well impressed! I want to play Ra.

andy said...

by the way, i believe Norwich Board Games ought to be shortened to: