Friday, 21 September 2007

Who is the biggest Jerk?

For many weeks Jimmy has been bringing down Kogge - Trade on jerky seas. He had only played the game once and fancied another voyage. The game got a mixed reception. Kogge is one of those games that has complex and mesmerising rules, until you play, then they all break down to being fairly routine and connected.

Andy fell off the pace half way through the game having lost interest and finding Kogge to dry and boring. Matt played well but was the personal victim of a raid at a critical time which set him back a few turns which he did not have time to make up. Luke won the game gaining the advantage from Matt and manipulating the situation to maintain 1st turn ahead of Jimmy. This enabled Luke to fulfill the victory conditions ahead of Jimmy and pip him to victory. Thus making Luke the biggest Jerk.

I enjoyed the game and while some of the game play and powers are not perfect or balanced there is enough scope to play this trading game every now and again.

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